Halloween Safety and Fall Festivities

Kids in Halloween costumes

This month, fall is in full swing with colorful leaves on the trees, a chill in the air, and bags of candy by the truckload. It’s also Halloween Safety Month! There’s nothing more important to parents than their children’s safety, especially on a dark night with distracting decorations and distracted drivers. Below you’ll find some trick-or-treating tips to help keep you and your little ones safe. This week there’s also sure to be a fall festival at your local school or church. We’ve compiled some game booth and silent raffle ideas so you can focus on enjoying the fun!

Safety First, Candy Second

When you take a few precautions for your child’s safety this Halloween, the night will be a little less scary and a little more spooky! Firstly, carving pumpkins is a fun Halloween tradition, but it can also be dangerous. Consider having younger children decorate with markers or paint instead of carving. If they insist on a carved pumpkin, have them draw on the pumpkin first and then have an adult carve. The little one can get involved by scooping out the seeds. Then, light your pumpkin with a Maglite ML25LT LED C-CELL flashlight in candle mode instead of a burning candle to avoid any risk of a fire hazard.

The second thing to think about is your child’s costume. Make sure that the costume is flame resistant, does not obstruct their vision, and is short enough to prevent tripping. You can also add reflective tape to the back or bottom of the costume, or even on the trick-or-treat bag. Be aware of your child’s costume accessories as well. For example, if they need a sword, try making one out of foam board or cardboard so that it’s not too sharp. That way it can’t harm your child or others if they happen to trip and fall or get a little too excited.

Lastly, be prepared for the trick-or-treating chaos. Always accompany younger children through the neighborhood. If they’re older, make sure you discuss the route they plan to take and agree on what time to come home. Remain on well-lit streets, only approach houses with their porch light on, and never enter the house or car of a stranger. Make sure you and each trick-or-treater have a flashlight so that you are visible to drivers and can easily see sidewalks and crosswalks. You’ll be safe and stylish with a Maglite Halloween Safety/Fun Pack Bundle. It comes with 3 Classic Solitaire flashlights, the Maglite ML25LT LED C-Cell flashlight, and a white lite wand.

Fall Festival Fun

Fall festivals are a fun staple of fall and a great time to get involved with the community. If you are in charge of a game booth, here are some easy (and cost-effective) ideas to keep the kiddos entertained:

  • Ball in Basket: Get a pallet or plywood from a grocery store or local business. Find various sizes of baskets and toy balls from the dollar store. Screw the baskets to the pallet in 4 rows, and lean the pallet up against a wall. Keep two baskets handy to store the balls for the players. Have the players try to toss the balls into the basket. Score three baskets and win a prize.
  • Ring Toss: Start with a piece of plywood. Drill holes into the plywood at about a 45 degree angle in a 6x6 square grid pattern. Insert large lollipops into the holes. Get plastic rings, glow stick necklaces, or frisbees without a center. When a player successfully tosses a ring around a lollipop, they can claim it as their prize.
  • Penny Toss: All you need for this game is some poster board and pennies. Use three different colors of large poster board and cut them in concentric circles in a bullseye pattern. Set it up flat on a table and have the players toss pennies onto it. When they land a penny in the center circle (bullseye!), they win a prize.

Need to donate a basket for the silent auction? Try asking local businesses and restaurants for gift card donations. The marketing manager or general manager often has a budget set aside for serving the community. You can also find hidden gems at discount stores to create your basket. A “spa” basket might include bath bombs, face masks, lotion, and candles. A “work” basket could have notebooks, pens, pencils, a coffee tumbler, and a cute tchotchke for the desk. No basket is complete without a Solitaire LED Key Chain flashlight. It’s a handy, helpful tool that fits perfectly on any key ring, backpack, or purse. Add some tissue paper and ribbon, and you’ve got a basket people are sure to bid on.

Enjoy the Moment

Whether you’re out trick-or-treating or at a fall festival, we hope that you have a great last week of October. Remember to enjoy the moment with your friends and family, and embrace your #maglife adventure.